Oxtails in Peanut Gravy. Filipino flavor. Kare-Kare on brown bowl.


pinoy's pride

Wholesome goodness is here.

Sinigang na Baboy dish or Filipino Pork Meat Soup in gray bowl on concrete backdrop. Filipino Food. Asian Meal
Delicious Chicken Inasal with rice. Filipino cuisine.


We're Mekeni

Pinoy's Pride

Now Open for Dine-in, Delivery, Pick-up, and Catering Services.

We just moved into the neighborhood, but it's like we've been here forever! You've welcomed us like old friends, dropping by with ready smiles and eager appetites.

That's why we vow to always serve up goodness. Our food will always be fresh, Filipino-made, and served with warm smiles. We're family now. And this is how we cook for those we love.

Welcome home.

Special Filipino Food For Everyone

Our home is now open to you and to your loved ones. Here are some of our specials available "Only in Mekeni":

  • Lechon de Leche
  • Original Oxtail Kare-kare
  • Mandaragat Medley
  • Mama's Pork Asado
  • Boom-Boom Soup
Beef bulalo soup

We do it

your way

Dine in.

Enjoy the welcoming Filipino ambiance, and we'll top with great food.


Choose from our selection, and we'll pack it up for you.

Pick up.

Call or message ahead, and we'll have your order ready.


Call us for your reservations and we will be there for you.

Filipino style lunch buffet in Philippines

Delicious, hearty meals await.

Special Offering


pinoy's pride

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